NJ Offer is a Direct Home Buyer

“We buy any home at a competitive price and deliver homeowners the ultimate home selling experience.”

House Flippers

Typically a zero-sum game, the lowest value price.

Different from flippers who offer to buy your home directly – at the lowest price they can – we make our money by efficiently renovating and selling your home. We don’t try to deprive you of the value you have built up in your largest investment.

NJ Offer

Convenience, control, and value.

NJ Offer buys your home directly from you. We do all the paperwork, we pay closing and title fees, you pick your own close date, and if you need to stay in your home a few days past closing you can. We provide dedicated support throughout the entire process and we’ll even move you for free.

Traditional Real Estate

A lengthy, uncertain, and inconvenient experience.

Unlike traditional real estate which has not changed in decades, you don’t have to list your home, repair or upgrade it, keep it clean, show it to strangers, and negotiate a closing date. We provide a better experience.