What Should I Do to Prepare My Home for Showings?

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November 26, 2019

What Should I Do to Prepare My Home for Showings?

There are a number of things you can do to prepare your property for showings that can help you create a great impression and drum up interest in your valuable home. Some of these things will be external, while others will be internal.


This is your chance to make a great first impression.

* The lawn – It should be well-kept.

* The garden – It should be well-tended. Consider adding a few colorful plants to cheer things up. Prune trees and shrubs, and get rid of old leaves.

* Fencing – All the fencing around the property should be in good repair and freshly painted.

* Fresh-looking blacktop – Your driveway should look well-tended and not be stained.

* A great garage – De-clutter your garage so people get a sense of spaciousness. Consider donating, selling or storing items you rarely use. Ask the neighbors if they will be willing to stow things for you to help make things less cluttered. Also consider investing in a stand-alone tool shed.

* A fresh paint job – The entire house should be painted a bright, clean color like white.

* A fresh front door – Consider painting the front door, or replacing it.

* New numbers – Add bright and shiny new door numbers for your address.

* Check any siding – Make sure your siding is in good repair.

* Roofing – Replace all broken roof tiles. Be sure to also clean the guttering of leaves and other debris.

* A new welcome mat – Put out a new welcome mat to make your place took more inviting.


There are lots of things that can help buyers picture what life will be like in this house.

* De-clutter – Now is your time to sort out what to keep, sell, donate to charity, or pass along to someone who could really use the item. Be ruthless. Remember; whatever you keep will have to be put in storage or moved to your new home, when you eventually find one.

* Paint every room – Once you have de-cluttered, it will be a lot easier to paint the house. Choose neutral colors, not ones that make a bold statement. Strong colors might put off buyers, or give them the impression that they will have to put a lot of work into the house to get it just the way they want it.

* De-personalize – Remove all the family photos, knickknacks and so on from the house. Again, you want them to feel that the house could be theirs. They won’t be able to do that if they see the stamp of your ownership all over it.

* Organize all storage space – Don’t think you can hide anything from prospective home buyers. They want to make sure they are getting the best deal and will have no qualms about going into your closets, kitchen cabinets or drawers.

* Hire a professional cleaner – A professional cleaning service can work wonders to make every surface in your home shine. While they are working, you can be focusing on other things, such a packing up things to put in storage.

* Get rid of the rugs – Hardwood and vinyl flooring are cheap, durable, pet-proof and allergen free. They are far better than your mildewy old carpet full of pet soil.

Follow these tips to make sure prospective buyers see your home in the best possible light.

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